Buried Alive!

       I've now tried three times to make it all the way through the NYT's Snow Fall, the impressive multimedia/longform extravaganza about the avalanche at Tunnel Creek, but I keep getting distracted by all the moving parts  - overwhelmed by what's ahead of me and what I might be missing if I just skip some of them. As I tire, I wonder, do I need/want to know this much about Tunnel Creek? The reviews have been laudatory and I have no doubt they are accurate, but I'm now wondering how many viewers have stayed with the text and clicked through all of the eye-candy. Is it like A Brief History of Time? Brilliant, reviewers wrote, even a bestseller, but one of those books that you buy and never get to the end of. What I like about what I've seen/read? It shows possibilities. What I hate? It is too much.