Mission Local

In the fall of 2008, Berkeley J-school students and faculty created a number of hyperlocal sites including Mission Local. It worked and in 2014, Mission Local became independent, a news lab for the Mission District, San Francisco’s oldest neighborhood and a mixture of immigrants, techies, artists and everyone else. We cover San Francisco, often from the vantage point of the Mission, but also from other San Francisco hotspots. We’re interested in high-impact journalism, experimenting, holding those in power accountable, and in the power of street reporting. We’re also interested in training the next generation of journalists who reflect the diversity of the city. We’ve done a lot of experimenting, creating Mission Tour, a local history app for the iPhone, a Zine, My Mission, and Mission Possible, a series of maps.  Our doors are open to all and we’ve had everyone from middle school student to app developers come through and add to the mix. You can get in touch with me at lydia.chavez@missionlocal.com